Dave and Brenda Smith

"When my husband, Dave, was injured at his construction job, it was life changing for him. He couldn't move, he was in so much pain. He tried to keep working, but it just wasn't working for him. He finally went to the Doctor and found out he injured his spine and my first call was to John Scott. He wasn't in for the immediate sell, he was concerned for my husband. He listened to me and what was going on. He told me this is what we should do, and we did it. It was so great to have a voice of reason, when you are dealing with a very confusing Work Comp situation. It takes forever, it seems, when you are in pain. Watching my husband go through that was so awful! John was able to help Dave get his surgery that he so needed, help him get his medical bills paid, and helped him through the whole process. He was there in the mediation, and was such a voice of reason. He truly helped us get everything done, and for that we are super grateful! Dave is now a new person, and on the road to recovery! We can't thank John Scott enough! I would highly recommend John Scott to anyone that has been injured, he makes a very trying time go much easier. He is peace of mind for sure! Thank you, John, for all you have done for us!"